gokarna community forest

The visit to Gokarna community forest added insights about the plans of the community forest group relating to the forest use. The national martyrs park is also under construction at the place and they have lots of plans. The forest is totally covered by Pinus roxburghii. Believing that the pine does not have much economic importance, the peoples have started cultivating other species and selling them in market. They have started harvesting Lapsi, Pomegranate trees, Cherry trees, even Rudraksh tree. As these trees grow, they plan to cut the pines existing and convert the pine forest into a mixed one. They have also planted Tulsi, right in front of benches for the visitors, so that the visitors can have the beneficial effect from the smell of Tulsi. But as they plan to convert the entire pine forest, they have also cultivated eucalyptus, Now, the eucalyptus is a very fast growing plant, and from ecological point of view, it might also be better to let the native species thrive. Also, one part of the hill is comparatively drier then the other, because of longer exposure to the sun, so would be great to let the pines flourish on the drier parts and build the mixed forest at the other,

IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2431

All in all, it was a very informative trip,

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