To celebrate environment day with a local school, I showed them “Moana”! I believe there is  so much to this movie, and it was a really amazing way to interact with the high school students too! The movie shows how connected these tribal people are to the nature, how when Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti he was doing that to help the human. It was not really with a bad intention. Similarly, we also use natural resources to help ourselves, but sometimes may end up exploiting it to devastation. Like Te Fiti turned to Teka after her heart was gone, our nature will turn evil after we torture her past the point of resilience.

Moana went after what she believed in and that is in a way what each of us are doing too. The movie shows how difficult it is to restore nature once disrupted but not impossible if you care enough!

And it was amazing how the students brought artworks and writing about Moana later 🙂 🙂

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