Being a Climate Leader

It has been a year since I took part in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps and the journey I had since then, has been incredible! The positive vibes that I got from the training in India, and the enthusiasm with which Mr. Al Gore gave us the training, added momentum to all the works that we were doing for the nature and for the community.

My community works increased considerably and the rapture with which the students listen about the impacts of climate change and the enthusiasm they show to doing anything they can, makes every presentation, a very fulfilling experience for me. It is great to work with them and see the wonderful articles they write about climate change. Along with giving presentations, me and my friends also started the gardening campaigns, and other inter school activities, and the fun along with work, always motivates me.

A year has already passed, and I am looking forward to all the other activities that I will be doing, and am very thankful for the experience I had and the amazing people I met in the training, and during my acts of leadership!




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