Urban Gardening Project

Why a polluted city with unwanted waste? Why not a beautiful city with as much reuses to reduce waste as possible? Beautiful gardens, cleaner and greener city prospects, are some of the things that motivated me to be a part of the urban garden project. Urban garden refers to planting sustainably in limited space we have in urban areas. This may be done through rooftop farming, balcony farming or even by utilizing vertical walls. Not only does it help in creating beautiful gardens, it also helps in promoting greenery in urban areas. Making use of the limited small space, vertical gardening and the reuse of materials promotes composting and therefore results in a sufficient reduction in the amount of organic waste coming from the house, and also helps people in getting easier access to organic food.

The concept of urban gardening can be seen in history as well. People from different civilizations tried to make their farming style as productive as possible. Urban gardening was also given priority during war times, to prevent people from suffering due to a shortage of food. As a precaution for the city dwellers, subsistence farming was created as an alternative to the rural production of food.

As the city area has a very limited amount of space, vertical gardening seems to be a very creative way to make use of it. With so many bottles going waste, attaching these bottles to the wall and planting short root species seems to be a very good idea. Similarly, we can also make use of the tires going to waste by repainting them and filling them with up mud to plant flowers.

1 september (10) 1 september (14) 26 august 5

These images are from our garden in Dreamz school. Similarly, we have also started garden in Opal school and in Chandal Mauduit school. They are all coming up beautifully.

Even umbrellas or shoes that are going waste can be used to make a creative garden.

rainboot-garden-on-a-fence images 28

The urban gardening project is taking place under the “Planting Cities and Green Entrepreneurship” Project, which is taking place between five countries: Nepal, India, China, Italy and Slovenia. In Nepal, this project is co-ordinated by Campaign For Change Nepal (CCN). You can be a part of this project, volunteer and start gardening in your local area, homes, or schools and colleges. The project will prove to be very effective for everybody involved.

For more details and to participate,

Contact: ccnanuska@gmail.com

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