Climate Reality

Rise in sea level, melting of glaciers is a really hot topic these days. One of the greatest challenges of our time is Climate change. Its evidence can be seen in the climate pattern changes worldwide and in the more frequent and more disastrous disasters occurring these days. With around 98% of scientists telling that the climate change is happening, it is most important to act now and bring in changes in how we treat the earth resources. The major effects of climate change can be seen in melting of the glaciers, sea level rise, rise in the atmospheric carbon content. Last week, I got a chance to take part in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Meeting all the climate leaders was a wonderful opportunity. It was inspiring to see so many people trying to bring changes in their communities.

Along with talks on the effects of climate change and its evidences, the most interesting part of the conference was also the highlights on improving and increasing solar and wind energy resources. This time feels like a turning point where people are actually being conscious about what’s going on and embracing the practices that promotes sustenance. If the trend continues, a hopeful future is not far!


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